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A story about a girl who, on a whim, decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for charity.

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This week, you can help fundraise so a child with learning disabilities can go to school!  Taking a cue from my good friends at Flea4Charity, on Saturday, I will be selling unwanted items at Dubai’s night flea market in an attempt to raise money for The Right to Live Association (RTLA). The RTLA is a non-profit organisation which was founded in Egypt to habilitate youngsters with intellectual disabilities and provide them with daily living skills and some basic academic and vocational training. They provide access to care and educate youngsters so that they can live a life of dignity and respect. The Association depends on grants, donations, sponsorships and fund-raising events to support its noble cause.  One of the initiatives that the RTLA uses to raise funds is the ‘7 day climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro’ in Tanzania, which I will be embarking on in just over a month.  

I’ll be accepting donations all week long and would love to have some volunteers help set up and steer traffic to our stall. 


What I’ll be accepting:
Small furniture
Decoration items
Electronics in working condition
Music CDs/DVDs/Games
Gaming consoles and related games


What I won’t accept (sorry!):
Broken items
Items with an expiration date (food, medicine, creams, makeup, shampoo, etc.)
Toiletries (brushes, grooming items, etc.)


But if you can’t donate, there are other ways you can help. On Saturday, 21 July, bring your good spirits, coin purses and wallets from 8pm at Trade Centre - Sheikh Saeed Hall 1 inside Dubai Sports World to snap up all sorts of clothing, accessories, home appliances and electronics for a fraction of their original price! All proceeds go to charity. Remember, every little bit counts.

You can visit my Facebook page for more information. Spread awareness by sharing the page to encourage a wider audience to donate.

Don’t forget to be awesome!

Infograph: Why I’m climbing Kilimanjaro this summer, who I’m climbing for, and why you should donate. 

I’m heading on over to Adventure HQ today to look at gear for my trip in four months (read: I’m shitting bricks and need to know how broke I’ll be when I get back). Some wonderful members of the community have already expressed interest in loaning me some of their unused equipment for the trip, which is great! This means I’ll have more resources to donate to the RTLA. If any of you have some of the below items on hand (not underwear, thanks!), and wouldn’t mind helping a sister out by loaning them to me, (or Azher from Flea 4 Charity) for a couple of weeks, I’d be more than grateful.

All the help I can get is welcome, and there’s even a donate box on the right-hand sidebar. Remember, my target is to raise USD 10,000 for The Right to Live Association.


Progress reports when I get back!

Technical clothing
Waterproof jacket
Insulated jacket
Soft jacket
Long sleeve shirt - moisture wicking
Short sleeve shirt - moisture wicking
Waterproof pants with side zipper
Hiking pants
Fleece pants
Long underwear - moisture wicking
Underwear - moisture wicking
Sports bras

Brimmed hat for sun protection
Knit hat

Warm waterproof gloves
Thin synthetic glove liners

Hiking boots, warm, waterproof, broken in (ankle support)
Trail/running shoes
Thick socks (preferably wool)
Sock liners
Waterproof gaiters

Waterproof backpack cover
32 oz waterbottle
Pee bottle (lol!)
Plastic bags

Warm sleeping bag
Sleeping bag liner
Trekking poles
Head lamp with extra batteries
Non metal duffel bag  Donated by the lovely Mohammed Parham aka @wildpeeta
Daypack for personal gear

Lip balm with SPF
Insect repellent containing DEET
First aid kit
Hand sanitiser
Dettol wipes
Wet wipes
Toilet paper
High calorie lightweight snacks
Small pencil and notebook
Still camera - extra batteries
Video camera  - extra batteries